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Thursday, March 01, 2012


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Denise Eilers, RN, BSN

I was at the Annual Dialysis Conference in San Antonio earlier this week when Stuart spoke. Nothing short of amazing! As Stuart began his demonstration, there literally were people standing on their chairs to see over those in front of them. He has presented at several patient conferences I have helped organize where he has also been enthusiastically received (and that is an understatement). The kidney community needs more Stuarts--those who are willing to change, inovate and think "outside the box."

Peter Laird, MD

Thank you Denise. The buttonhole cannulation method is unfortunately considered one more "controversial" aspect of dialysis due to the increased risks of infection in some recent studies.

I have dialyzed using the buttonhole technique for nearly five years without a single infection. Technique is an important of doing buttonhole cannulation correctly. Stuart Mott is a champion of the buttonhole technique. Sadly, few nephrology professionals know of this great technique. Hopefully with time, that will change.


Once again, it looks like we patients will have to educate more nephrology professionals.


Many aspects of dialysis care that is beneficial for patients came about by serendipitous application of chance observations. The buttonhole technique came into practice when Dr. Twardowski had little option on some patients with only short areas on fistulas for cannulation. He began using a single site cannulation that developed scar tissue and a track.

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